Villages Nature Paris

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Villages Nature Paris is located near Disneyland Paris. Moreover, this super-luxurious holiday park is full of amenities including a mega tropical swimming pool with 6 slides plus large outdoor lagoons.

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Villages Nature Paris

Villages Nature Paris near Disneyland Paris

The Villages Nature Paris holiday park is located in Bailly-Romainvilliers in -France- near Paris. In this holiday park you can combine holiday park and amusement park fun, because the Luxe Villages Nature is only 6 kilometers from Disneyland Paris. Paris itself is also nearby, where you can enjoy culture, excitement and fun. Villages Nature is completely inspired by nature. This makes the holiday park perfect to unwind after a visit to Disneyland or Paris.

Water fun at Villages Nature Paris

There is also plenty to do at Villages Nature Paris itself, full of amenities. Enjoy the mega swimming paradise with water slides, a wave pool and a Water Playhouse. The Water Playhouse is a climbing frame with water slides, water guns and a huge dump bucket that pours 900l of water. There is also an outdoor lagoon of 2500 m2, where you can swim and relax in water at 30 degrees. In the meantime, enjoy a magnificent view of nature. In the summer, the large recreational pond is perfect for lounging on the sandy beach or for floating and swimming in the water. Take part in one of the many water sports at Villages Nature Paris.

What else is there to do at Villages Nature Paris

Children really like the farm at Villages Nature Paris. Here they can get to know life on the farm, ride a pony, cuddle and take care of animals. Or participate in a bread baking and butter making workshop. In the "Forest of Legends" children can let off steam and build huts, take boat trips, survive in the woods, walk on the secret roads. Your children should not miss the playground full of surprises.

On La Promenade du Lac you can enjoy relaxation and a snack or drink both during the day and in the evening. This green city is bustling, enjoy a concert in the water amphitheater, dance in the open air or take a seat in one of the many restaurants. There are also shops, a kids' club and a bowling center on La Promenade du Lac. You stay at Villages Nature Paris in attractive cottages, which have been realized and furnished with natural materials. All cottages are beautifully situated in the green.

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