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There is nothing better than enjoying the sun on the beach. If you are also a beach lover, then choose one of the holiday parks by the sea. The coast has many nice holiday parks. A beach holiday is fun all year round. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze through your hair during a walk on the beach. Or go flying kites, look for shells or build sand castles with your children. Enjoy the sun on a blanket on the beach, interspersed with a refreshing dip in the sea. Take a quick look at the entire range of holiday parks by the sea below. The filters on the left allow you to further narrow down the search results. It is also possible to show the holiday parks on a map.

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luchtfoto hof domburg

Hof Domburg

Roompot logo

Hof Domburg is a Roompot holiday park, located on the Zeeland coast. It has, among other things, a tropical swimming paradise and a spa and beauty center. Beach and Domburg are within walking distance.

  • Children's entertainment
  • Walking distance from the sea
  • Nice indoor pool
  • Restyled bungalows
  • Walking distance from Domburg

Vakantiepark Kijkduin

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Kijkduin Holiday Park is a holiday park located on the Dutch coast in South Holland. The park is located just behind the dunes. The holiday park has an indoor swimming pool and Koos Kids Club.

  • location on the beach
  • near scheveningen
  • restyled bungalow
  • trips to The Hague
  • child-friendly
Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad

Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad

Roompot logo

Résidence Cadzand-Bad is a Park of Roompot and is only 350 meters from the beach. The park is located in Zeeland and is the ideal base for the beach. The park has luxurious bungalows with large gardens.

  • luxury villas
  • Located on a large water feature
  • Beach 350 meters
  • Close to Bruges and Knokke
  • Free WIFI
Aerial view of Center Parcs Port Zélande with holiday homes and the Grevelingenmeer

Port Zélande

Center Parcs logo

Holiday park Port Zélande by centerparcs, is located on the Grevelingenmeer. It is an extremely suitable holiday park for water sports enthusiasts. You can surf, dive or kite surf. The park has a tropical swimming pool 'Aqua Mundo'.

  • Near the beach
  • Spectacular swimming pool
  • Good restaurants
  • Perfect service
A bubble bath in the Aqua Mundo in Center Parcs Park Zandvoort

Park Zandvoort

Center Parcs logo

Center Parcs Park Zandvoort is located right on the North Sea beach. The holiday park has a subtropical swimming pool, which guarantees hours of water fun. There are various workshops and activities for children.

  • On the beach
  • Subtropical swimming pool
  • 25 meter pool
  • Covered Beach Factory
  • 3 Center Parcs-Birdies
centerparcs Park Nordseeküste

Park Nordseeküste

Center Parcs logo

Holiday park Nordseeküste is located right on the German coast, about 160 km from Groningen. You can walk mudflats and get a breath of fresh air by the sea. There is also a tropical swimming pool with a super cool water slide.

  • Subtropical swimming pool
  • For all ages
  • Near the beach
Luchtfoto van Roompot Beach Resort

Roompot Beach Resort

Roompot logo

Roompot Beach Resort is located in Zeeland. The park has a tropical swimming pool and an indoor playground. The park is within walking distance of the beach.

  • Marina
  • Fishing opportunities
  • Versatile environment
  • Lots of children's facilities
  • 100 m from the beach
Kustpark texel luchtfoto

Kustpark Texel

Roompot logo

Coastal Park Texel is located on the Wadden island of Texel, near the town "De Koog". There is a tropical water paradise. Kustpark Texel is close to dunes and beach and within walking distance of De Koog.

  • Quiet park
  • Near De Koog
  • Houses with lots of privacy
  • Beautiful cycling destination
Kustpark Egmond aan zee

Kustpark Egmond aan Zee

Roompot logo

Kustpark Egmond is located in North Holland and is located right on the beach. Ideal holiday park for lovers of the beach, sea and sun. The park has an outdoor pool.

  • Friendly staff
  • Green and quiet park
  • Location by the sea
  • Outdoor pool


Roompot logo

Boomhiemke holiday park is a Roompot holiday park located on Ameland. There is an indoor swimming pool and a sauna and beauty center. You can also enjoy the beach, dunes and the sea.

  • On the Wadden Islands (Ameland)
  • Child-friendly
  • On Ameland
  • Indoor swimming pool
Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad

Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad

Roompot logo

Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad is located 350 meters from the beach. It is a Roompot holiday park and is still under construction. It is located in Zeeland at the place Nieuwvliet-Bad.

  • Beach 350 meters away
  • Peace, space and nature
  • Beach pavilions 15 min walk
  • Close to Bruges, Knokke and Sluis
  • Free WIFI
Vakantiepark Callassande

Vakantiepark Callassande

Roompot logo

Holiday park Callantsoog is a Roompot park. It is located 1km from the beach. The park has an indoor swimming pool, a skating rink, tennis courts and playgrounds.

  • At 1 km. from beach
  • Indoor pool
  • Skating rink
  • Free WIFI
Roompot De Banjaard

De Banjaard

Roompot logo

De Banjaard, a Roompot holiday park, is located in Zeeland. Here you can walk through the dunes and swim in the sea. There is an indoor swimming pool, a mini golf course and a Koos Kids Club.

  • Located by the sea
  • Child-friendly park
  • Lots of leeway
  • Small pool
Le Ranolien

Le Ranolien

Roompot logo

Le Ranolien is a Roompot holiday park located on the Breton coast! There is an aqua park with swimming pools, waterfalls and slides. Beach is 3km away.

  • Right on the sea
  • Beach 3 km away
  • Aquapark with swimming pools and slides
  • Beauty & Wellness
De Soeten Haert

De Soeten Haert

Roompot logo

Vakantiepark De Soeten Haert van Roompot is located in Renesse. It is a few minutes' walk from the wide, clean beach. Ideal for beach lovers.

  • Space and privacy
  • Dog-friendly park
  • Friendly employees
  • Pleasant accommodations
Duynparc De Heeren van ‘s-Gravensande

Duynparc De Heeren van ‘s-Gravensande

Roompot logo

Roompot Duynparc De Heeren van 's-Gravensande is a holiday park in South Holland. The villas are built in Caribbean style and have a cozy veranda.

  • Caribbean style villas
  • Near The Hague and Rotterdam
  • Ideal for beach lovers
  • Free WIFI
Strandpark Duynhille

Strandpark Duynhille

Roompot logo

Beach Park Duynhille van Roompot is a few minutes' walk from the North Sea beach, near the seaside resort of Ouddorp.

  • Near the beach and sea
  • WIFI in the bungalow
  • Nice dune villas
  • Near the village of Ouddorp
Roompot Résidence Wijngaerde

Résidence Wijngaerde

Roompot logo

Résidence Wijngaerde is located in the bustling seaside resort of Domburg. Stay in a luxury apartment or penthouse.

  • In the center of Domburg
  • Spacious, luxurious apartments
  • Walking distance to the beach
  • Free WIFI

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