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In this overview you will find many holiday parks in a hilly area where you can fully relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A hilly area is very suitable for a nice walk. Enjoy the views over the valleys. Taking a bike ride is a bit more challenging, but when you rent an electric bike, this shouldn't be a problem. There are also often beautiful mountain bike trails in such a hilly area. What do you choose? Are you going for a holiday park in hilly South Limburg or, for example, for a holiday park in the German Eifel? There is always a holiday park in a hilly area that meets all your needs!

42 Holiday parks in the hills found

Center Parcs Park Eifel

Center Parcs Park Eifel

Center Parcs logo

Center Parcs Eifel is a holiday park located in the German Eifel. The German Eifel is bordered by an impressive nature. The park includes a tropical swimming pool, an indoor playground and a Kids Factory.

  • Beautiful environment
  • Close to the Moselle
  • Cycling and walking
  • For small children
  • Small-scale swimming pool
  • Nice villages nearby

Aerial view of Center Parcs Park Bostalsee

Center Parcs Park Bostalsee

Center Parcs logo

The Center Parcs Bostalsee holiday park is located in the holiday region 'De Hunsrück'. There is a tropical swimming pool. From your cottage you can walk to the beach and watch the water sports enthusiasts having fun on Lake Bostal.

  • Location on a lake
  • outdoor activities
  • In the middle of nature
  • Subtropical swimming pool
  • Hilly park

Aerial view of Roompot Ferienresort Cochem, the golf course and surroundings

Roompot Ferienresort Cochem

Roompot logo

Ferienresort Cochem is a Roompot holiday park located in the beautiful German area of the Moselle. There is an indoor pool and a golf course. There is an indoor playground for the youngest guests.

  • Beautiful and high location
  • Small indoor pool
  • There is a lot of barbecuing
  • You can park your car at the bungalow

Aerial view of the Roompot Parc la Clusure holiday park with the outdoor pool and chalets

Roompot Parc la Clusure

Roompot logo

Parc La Clusure, affiliated with Roompot, is located in the Belgian Ardennes. There is plenty to do in the Ardennes: go for a walk or take a mountain bike tour. The park features an outdoor pool.

  • In the middle of the Ardennes
  • Right on the river Lomme
  • Outdoor pool
  • Ideal for outdoor sports

Aerial view of the Roompot Eifelpark Kronenburger See holiday park and the surrounding area

Roompot Eifelpark Kronenburger See

Roompot logo

Eifelpark Kronenburger See is a holiday park in the beautiful area of the German Eifel. The park is located near a reservoir. There is an indoor pool with a paddling pool.

  • At a reservoir
  • Indoor pool
  • Quiet
  • To walk
  • Some bungalows have been restyled

Aerial view of holiday park Roompot Bungalowpark Schin op Geul in the hills of South Limburg

Roompot Bungalowpark Schin op Geul

Roompot logo

The Schin op Geul bungalow park is located in the beautiful hilly surroundings of South Limburg. The park is located near Valkenburg. Visit the castle ruins or the municipal caves.

  • In South Limburg
  • Near Valkenburg
  • No swimming pool
  • Quiet
  • To walk

Aerial view of holiday park Landal Hoog Vaals

Landal Hoog Vaals

Landal logo

Landal Hoog Vaals is located in the hills of South Limburg. In those beautiful surroundings you will imagine yourself abroad. There are various sports and play facilities at the Landal park.

  • Own golf course
  • Indoor pool with supervision
  • Entertainment all year round
  • Bungalows with Jacuzzi

Aerial photo of Landal Winterberg holiday park with holiday homes

Landal Winterberg

Landal logo

Landal Winterberg is located in Sauerland, a true paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. The holiday park has a swimming pool and various playgrounds. In winter you can enjoy great skiing!

  • Near the forest
  • Spaciously designed park
  • Located on ski slope
  • Sporty holiday
  • Nice in summer and winter

Lawn with a family in front of a few holiday homes at the Landal Hochwald holiday park

Landal Hochwald

Landal logo

From Landal Hochwald you have a great view of the surroundings. This Landal park includes an indoor swimming pool with a paddling pool and an indoor playground.

  • High-altitude park
  • On the edge of a forest and reservoir
  • Indoor pool
  • Indoor playground

Aerial view of holiday homes at Landal de Waufsberg holiday park

Landal de Waufsberg

Landal logo

Landal de Waufsberg is located in the south of Limburg. The beautiful hills of Limburg give you the feeling that you are abroad. The holiday park has luxurious detached bungalows.

  • Beautiful views
  • Detached luxury bungalows
  • Maastricht is 15 minutes by car
  • Excellent for seniors and couples

Aerial view of the Dormio Eifeler Tor holiday park in the woods and hills

Dormio Eifeler Tor

Dormio logo

The Eifeler Tor holiday park is located in the German Eifel, a beautiful destination all year round. Hills, wooded slopes and towns with half-timbered houses. From the holiday park you have a beautiful view of the Eifel National Park.

  • Well cared for
  • Luxury furnishings
  • Very customer-friendly
  • Located on a hill
  • Nice view

Landal Village les Gottales

Landal Village les Gottales

Landal logo

Stay in the Belgian Ardennes at Landal's idyllic Village les Gottales holiday park. The holiday park in the Ardennes is surrounded by forests. Go for walks or go mountain biking.

  • Small-scale park
  • Car-free park
  • Fishing
  • Outdoor sports

Landal Sonnenberg - Moselle

Landal Sonnenberg

Landal logo

The Landal Sonnenberg holiday park includes an indoor swimming pool, a large outdoor and indoor playground. The unique Moselle landscape with picturesque villages ensure an unforgettable holiday. The medieval town of Tier is nearby.

  • Super large indoor playground
  • Large climbing wall and mini golf
  • Deer camp with a view over the valley
  • Lots of walking possibilities

Landal Mont Royal - view over the Moselle

Landal Mont Royal

Landal logo

In Germany in the Moselle, with the beautiful hilly landscape Landal Mont Royal. The park is located on the Moselle. There is an indoor swimming pool, adventure golf and playing and sports fields.

  • Nice indoor pool
  • Children's entertainment
  • Complete accommodations
  • Great cycling environment
  • Nice trips

Landal Kasteeldomein De Cauberg

Landal Kasteeldomein De Cauberg

Landal logo

In South Limburg near Valkenburg on the Cauberg lies Kasteeldomein de Cauberg. Enjoy the surroundings, the beautiful town of Valkenburg, visit Thermae 2OOO, Holland Casino. The perfect base for exploring the South Limburg hilly landscape.

  • Helpful employees
  • Very suitable for over 55s
  • Limburg half-timbered houses
  • Located next to Thermae 2000
  • Ideal for exploring South Limburg

Holiday homes at holiday park Landal Reevallis

Summio Holiday park Reevallis

Summio logo

Holiday park Reevallis is located in South Limburg, a region in the Netherlands where you imagine yourself abroad. The park is located in a beautiful area with a rolling hilly landscape, numerous hiking and biking trails and picturesque villages wi

  • Very quiet park
  • Few facilities
  • View of the Limburg hills
  • Lovely walking
  • Vijlen is the mountain village

Aerial view of a safari tent at Landal Warsberg holiday park

Landal Warsberg

Landal logo

Holiday park Landal Warsberg is located in Saarland in Germany. A wonderful environment through the rolling hills and extensive forests. There is a swimming pool, a water playground, playgrounds and an animal meadow.

  • Located on a high plateau
  • Located between the vineyards
  • Indoor pool
  • To walk

Recreational pond at Landal Wirfttal holiday park with holiday homes in the background

Landal Wirfttal

Landal logo

Landal Wirfttal is located in the German Eifel, this area is beautiful every season. Nice walk in nature. At Landal Wirfttal there is, among other things, a swimming pool with a paddling pool, a recreation pool and a playground.

  • Well-kept houses
  • Hilly park
  • Simple indoor pool
  • Versatile environment
  • Children's entertainment

Holiday park Landal Waterpark Marina Lipno is located on Lake Lipno

Landal Water park Marina Lipno

Landal logo

Landal Marina Lipno is located in the Czech Republic at the enchanted Lake Lipno. Ideal for a wonderful holiday in and on the water on this beautiful, quiet lake. In winter, the area is a cozy and affordable ski resort.

  • At the Lipno
  • Aquatics
  • Fishing
  • Winter sports
  • Free WIFI

Aerial view of holiday park Landal Residence Duna

Landal Residence Duna

Landal logo

Holiday park Landal Residence Duna is located in Hungary. In the summer months it is wonderfully warm here. Go to historic Budapest, canoe on the Danube or sail on Lake Tata. Enjoy the view from your terrace.

  • In the mountains
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Wellness
  • Good reviews

People in the outdoor pool of holiday park RCN les Collines de Castellane

RCN les Collines de Castellane

Rcn logo

At RCN les Collines de Castellane you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Provence. If you want more thrills, go rafting and (kids) canyoning. Visit the famous gorge Gorges du Verdon.

  • In Provence
  • Swimming pool with triple water slide
  • Adventure Park
  • Open air fitness area

Aerial view of the swimming paradise at holiday park RCN Le Moulin de la Pique

RCN Le Moulin de la Pique

Rcn logo

RCN Le Moulin de la Pique holiday park is located on an old estate, with tall trees and a flower garden. The park has four swimming pools and a slide of 45 m. Enjoy the southern French sun until the late hours!

  • Located on a historic estate
  • Five star holiday park
  • Dutch-speaking recreation team
  • Four swimming pools
  • Three water slides
  • Large recreational lake

2 Children play with a beach ball at a safari tent at the RCN Domaine de la Noguière holiday park

RCN Domaine de la Noguière

Rcn logo

The RCN Domaine de la Noguière holiday park is located just 16 km from the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for a beach holiday. Places such as Cannes, Nice and Monaco are nearby. The park has two swimming pools with water slides.

  • Two swimming pools with water slides
  • Dance and party evenings
  • Near Cannes and Nice

Aerial view of the swimming pool at holiday park RCN La Bastide en Ardèche

RCN La Bastide en Ardèche

Rcn logo

Holiday park RCN la Bastide en Ardèche is located right on the banks of the river Ardèche. The park has its own beach on the river and a swimming pool with two water slides.

  • Unique (sandy) beach on the Ardèch
  • Two water slides
  • Heated swimmingpool
  • Recreation team

Terrace of the restaurant of the Topparken Résidence Valkenburg holiday park

Topparken Résidence Valkenburg

Topparken logo

Holiday park Résidence Valkenburg is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands, the "South Limburg Hilly Landscape". The holiday park has an outdoor swimming pool and playgrounds.

  • Near Valkenburg
  • In South Limburg
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Many excursions possible