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Landal holiday parks differ from other holiday park providers because of the open character of the holiday parks. Peace, space and nature are some of the points that Landal considers of paramount importance. Landal GreenParks feels closely connected to its immediate surroundings and is committed to nature, the guest and society.

Location of Landal holiday parks

Landal holiday parks can be found in the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Landal holiday parks are often located in the middle of nature, for example on the coast, in the forest or in the mountains. The area is often suitable for a cycling or walking tour. Landal holiday parks are also often a good base for mountain biking.

Landal holiday parks are child-friendly holiday parks

Most Landal holiday parks are child-friendly. For example, they often have a swimming pool, indoor playground, outdoor playground and a petting zoo or animal-wide. The Landal holiday parks often have an entertainment program and many parks have a Bollo Club.

Bollo Club at Landal holiday parks

Bollo the bear is Landal's mascot. He lives in his own house at Landal holiday parks. Bollo loves cuddling, playing and is always there while reading. Bollo the bear entertains the children with songs, games and even a TV series for the home. Book a holiday at a Landal holiday park and discover the Bollo Club and experience a pleasant holiday!

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Wave pool in the subtropical swimming paradise at Landal De Lommerbergen holiday park

De Lommerbergen

Landal logo

Landal de Lommerbergen is located in Limburg near the town of Reuver. It is a real family park with a tropical swimming pool, an indoor playground and an adventure island with a large castle and sandy beach.

  • Great Park Plaza
  • Year-round entertainment
  • Wooded and sloping
  • Also great for 55+
  • Bollo and Puk and Pelle
Wave pool in the subtropical swimming paradise in Landal Het Vennenbos

Het Vennenbos

Landal logo

Holiday park Landal het Vennenbos has a tropical swimming pool and exotic water island. In addition, the park has a beautiful Park Plaza with various restaurants and shops.

  • Wooded and spacious
  • Near Eindhoven
  • Bollo and Puk and Pelle
  • Bustling Park Plaza
Aerial view of the Landal Hof van Saksen holiday park

Hof van Saksen

Landal logo

The Hof van Saksen holiday park is located in Drenthe. The super-luxurious holiday park has spectacular water slides and an indoor playground. You stay in thatched farms.

  • Children's academies
  • Perfect for teenagers
  • Snacks at check-in
  • Sleek swimming pool
  • Farmhouse with thatched roofs
Landal Waterpark Oan’e Poel

Waterpark Oan’e Poel

Landal logo

Waterpark Oan’e Poel is located on the Terhernster Poelen. The park has luxury bungalows with their own jetty. You can also enjoy fishing from the jetty.

  • In Terherne
  • At the Terhernster Poelen
  • Bungalows with landing stage
  • Fishing
  • Free WIFI
Playground on the beach of the recreational lake of holiday park Landal Landgoed 't Loo

Landgoed 't Loo

Landal logo

Landal 't Loo estate is located on the Veluwe in Gelderland. The holiday park has a recreational pond with a sandy beach, an indoor swimming pool and numerous sports and games facilities.

  • Ziplining
  • Good service
  • Very good reviews
  • Very complete park
  • Children's entertainment
  • Cozy Grand Place
  • Beautiful indoor playground
Aerial photo of holiday park Landal Het Land van Bartje with holiday homes and a playground

Het Land van Bartje

Landal logo

The Land van Bartje is located in Drenthe. This is a real family holiday park with a friendly atmosphere and facilities such as a swimming pool, a pony ranch and an indoor and outdoor playground.

  • Real pony ranch
  • Luxury Drenthe farms
  • Swimming pool with canopy
  • Cozy indoor play area
  • Many excursions in the area
Holiday homes in the middle of the forest at Landal Rabbit Hill holiday park

Rabbit Hill

Landal logo

The Rabbit Hill is located in the woods on the Veluwe. The holiday park has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and an indoor playground.

  • Located in the woods
  • Child-friendly park
  • Nice indoor pool
  • Large indoor playground
  • In the middle of the Veluwe
Aerial view of holiday park Landal Hoog Vaals

Hoog Vaals

Landal logo

Landal Hoog Vaals is located in the hills of South Limburg. In those beautiful surroundings you will imagine yourself abroad. There are various sports and play facilities at the Landal park.

  • Own golf course
  • Indoor pool with supervision
  • Entertainment all year round
  • Bungalows with Jacuzzi
Beautiful playground with climbing equipment and water at Landal Miggelenberg holiday park


Landal logo

In the beautiful nature of the Veluwe you will find holiday park Miggelenberg van Landal. The holiday park has an indoor swimming pool and a beautiful water and climbing playground.

  • Spaciously designed park
  • Nice water / climbing playground
  • Natural environment
  • Friendly staff
  • Good restaurant
Holiday homes on the water at the Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer holiday park

Waterparc Veluwemeer

Landal logo

Waterparc Veluwemeer has various facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, outdoor pools and an indoor playground. The holiday park at the Veluwemeer also has a cozy grand café.

  • Marina
  • Cozy grand café
  • Nice indoor pool
  • Ideal for water sports
Detached holiday home with terrace at Landal Heihaas holiday park


Landal logo

Holiday park Heihaas van Landal is located in the woods of the Veluwe. The park has an indoor swimming pool and a Bollo Club. Explore the Veluwe via the various walking and cycling routes.

  • Space and privacy
  • Wooded area
  • Super animation team
Aerial photo of Landal Winterberg holiday park with holiday homes

Landal Winterberg

Landal logo

Landal Winterberg is located in Sauerland, a true paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. The holiday park has a swimming pool and various playgrounds. In winter you can enjoy great skiing!

  • Near the forest
  • Spaciously designed park
  • Located on ski slope
  • Sporty holiday
  • Nice in summer and winter
Holiday homes on a large lawn at the Landal Mooi Zutendaal holiday park

Mooi Zutendaal

Landal logo

The Mooi Zutendaal holiday park is adjacent to the 'Hoge Kempen National Park'. Here you can enjoy walking and cycling. The holiday park includes a swimming pool and an indoor playground.

  • White villas with jacuzzi
  • Green and quiet environment
  • Many possibilities for excursions
  • Bungalows are located between the woods
Holiday homes on the water at the Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen holiday park

De Reeuwijkse Plassen

Landal logo

Enjoy the typical Dutch landscape during your stay at Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen. The holiday park is located in the Green Heart. There is, among other things, an indoor swimming pool and an indoor playground.

  • Barista bar
  • Own ice cream parlor
  • Water-rich park
  • Organic park shop
Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne

Beach Resort Ooghduyne

Landal logo

Beach Resort Ooghduyne is a Landal holiday park in Julianadorp aan Zee. The park is close to the North Sea beach. The holiday park includes a swimming pool and indoor playground.

  • Near the sea
  • Day in Den Helder
  • Lots of fun trips
  • Spacious accommodations
Landal Dwergter Sand

Dwergter Sand

Landal logo

Dwergter Sand is located about 245 km from Utrecht. The holiday park is located on a forest, opposite the park is a recreational lake. The holiday park includes an indoor swimming pool, mini golf course and a playground.

  • Small indoor pool
  • Location on the forest
  • Walking and cycling routes
  • Outstanding service
  • Calm atmosphere
Holiday homes at the Landal Domein de Schatberg holiday park

Domein de Schatberg

Landal logo

Domein de Schatberg is a Landal holiday park, near Sevenum. The holiday park has many facilities such as an indoor and outdoor pool, a climbing park and a water ski slope.

  • At recreational lakes
  • With water ski slope
  • Near Toverland
  • With climbing park
Lawn with a family in front of a few holiday homes at the Landal Hochwald holiday park

Landal Hochwald

Landal logo

From Landal Hochwald you have a great view of the surroundings. This Landal park includes an indoor swimming pool with a paddling pool and an indoor playground.

  • High-altitude park
  • On the edge of a forest and reservoir
  • Indoor pool
  • Indoor playground

Frequently Asked Questions about Landal

Which Landal holiday parks are former Center Parcs parks

Holiday park De Lommerbergen and holiday park Het Vennenbos are original Center Parcs parks. These parks therefore have a beautiful park plaza and large subtropical swimming pool.

Which Landal holiday parks have a subtropical swimming paradise?

The following Landal holiday parks have a subtropical swimming paradise: Landal Het Vennenbos, Landal De Lommerbergen and the Hof van Saksen resort.

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