Roompot holiday parks

Roompot holiday parks

Roompot is the largest provider of holiday parks in the Netherlands and the number two in Europe. Roompot has more than 17,000 holiday accommodations. With the acquisition of Hogenboom and the acquisition of Qurios, Roompot has expanded its range to more than 185 holiday parks. In 2020, Roompot announced that it would expand its range by 51 parks.

Location of Roompot holiday parks

In total, the group has more than 185 holiday parks in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain in its portfolio, from premium resorts to comfortable parks and attractive campsites. Many Roompot holiday parks are located on the Dutch coast.

Roompot has a diverse range of holiday parks

Roompot has a wide range of holiday parks, so that you can always find a holiday park that meets your needs. For example, Roompot has holiday parks that are child-friendly or very small-scale. If you are looking for a holiday park on the coast, Roompot is also the right place for you. In short, due to the wide range of different holiday parks, it is almost impossible not to find a holiday park at Roompot that meets your needs.

A restaurant at Roompot Vakantiepark Weerterbergen

Roompot Holiday park Weerterbergen

Roompot logo

Roompot Weerterbergen is a Roompot holiday park and is located near the city of Weert. It has a subtropical swimming pool, an indoor entertainment center and a Koos Kids Club. It is a wooded holiday park with a lot of water.

  • Dialysis center
  • Child-friendly
  • Tropical swimming pool

Luftaufnahme des Ferienparks Roompot Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad

Roompot Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad

Roompot logo

Résidence Cadzand-Bad is a Park of Roompot and is only 350 meters from the beach. The park is located in Zeeland and is the ideal base for the beach. The park has luxurious bungalows with large gardens.

  • luxury villas
  • Located on a large water feature
  • Beach 350 meters
  • Close to Bruges and Knokke
  • Free WIFI

Aerial view of holiday park Roompot Bospark Lunsbergen

Roompot Bospark Lunsbergen

Roompot logo

Bospark Lunsbergen is a Roompot park located in Drenthe. There is an indoor swimming pool with a paddling pool and a mini golf course. Go out into nature or go and see the dolmens.

  • Quiet
  • Indoor swimming pool with paddling pool

Aerial view of holiday park Roompot Waterpark Terkaple

Roompot Waterpark Terkaple

Roompot logo

Waterpark Terkaple van Roompot is a small-scale holiday park that has beautiful water houses with their own jetty. The park is located in Friesland, near Terkaple.

  • Small-scale park
  • Spacious water houses
  • Own jetty
  • Fishing

Largo Harbour Village

Roompot Harbour Village

Roompot logo

Largo Harbor Village is a luxury holiday park. You can sail straight from your luxury villa onto the Veerse lake. The park has no other facilities, ideal for rest.

  • Super-deluxe water villas
  • Directly on the Veerse Meer

Holiday homes on the water on the small-scale Roompot Waterstaete Ossenzijl

Roompot Waterstaete Ossenzijl

Roompot logo

The quiet holiday park Waterstaete Ossenzijl is suitable for water enthusiasts. The villas have a private dock. From April to October you have your own boat at your villa.

  • Villas on the water
  • Private jetty and sloop (Apr-Oct)
  • Fishing opportunities
  • Near the Weerribben-Wieden nature reserve

Aerial view of Roompot Recreatiepark de Tolplas with the lake and holiday homes

Roompot Recreatiepark de Tolplas

Roompot logo

Recreation park de Tolplas is located in Overijssel near Hoge Hexel. The park's centerpiece is a large recreational pond. Here you can swim and relax on the sandy beach.

  • Rural location
  • Fishing and recreation pond
  • Peace

Frequently asked questions about Roompot holiday parks

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